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Me and TV

First, it would be helpful to understand my relationship with TV.  I love TV.

And, I hate paying for cable.  Partly because I hate paying for channels I never watch, just to get the few that are worth watching (although I do watch a lot of channels).  Even though FiOS has managed to take most of the pain out of having cable (unlike every other cable company), it’s still something that in principal shouldn’t be needed.

But more because the whole curated live stream that make up the hundreds of channels makes no sense any more.  When I want to watch something, I should just be able to sit down and watch it.  Who are these people that have decided the sequence and grouping of shows on channels and over the course of the day?  It’s lost all meaning.  Sure, I suppose there’s some comfort in putting on a genre-based channel like HGTV or Discovery and just letting it run, but it seems increasingly silly to be constrained by that.

And as a result, DVRs make no sense.  It’s sort of sad in a way, that the device that opened our eyes to on-demand TV is going to effectively kill itself.  Think about it – if you want to watch Modern Family, and I do, and a million other people want to, but we all want to watch it later, doesn’t it seem silly to have us all store a copy of the same show on a million hard drives all over the country?  When you know there’s a perfectly good single copy of that show out there that you can stream whenever you’re ready?

Of course it does.

The solution is to cut cable, and Stream Everything.

(Oh yeah, and I need to be able to stream all my locally stored content as well – I know this seems sort of contradictory, but with a good quality home theater, you still need local 1080p content with full HD audio.)

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